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Holistic Dental Options

Southern Laser Dentistry is pleased to offer the best biocompatible, holistic options for our patients. We offer holistic options in all of our procedures. All operatory procedures include ozone. Please scroll down to see what we offer.

If you have any questions about holistic dentistry or just want to learn more and book an appointment, please contact us at the office. 864-288-8388 or fill out this form!

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    Biocompatible Materials

    Why all-ceramic material? The answer is easy: Tooth restorations made of all-ceramics do not contain metal. Therefore, light can shine through them as it does through natural teeth. All-ceramic materials stand out for their

    • Highly esthetic and natural appearance
    • Long-lasting quality
    • Variety of colors
    • Compatibility with the human body

    Tooth fillings If a tooth is only partially damaged due to e.g. caries, a filling or so-called inlay is usually sufficient to fix it. An all ceramic inlay is a resistant ceramic filling which is used for smaller defects or decay. Dark fillings made of amalgam are a thing of the past. All-ceramic inlays cannot be distinguished from the natural tooth structure

    Ozone can also be used to treat periodontal (gum and tooth-supporting bone) disease. It is particularly effective at reaching and killing bacteria that live deep below the gum line causing inflammation and destruction.

    Ozone Therapy


    Fluoride Free Cleanings with Ozone substitution


    Low Radiation Xray machines


    S.M.A.R.T. and safe Amalgam Removal-
    Dr Knause is S.M.A.R.T. certified.

    Laser Restorations- NO numbing or drilling for fillings.


    Zirconia crowns- IN HOUSE


    Biocompatible Filling Materials

    The worldwide first purely ceramic-based restorative material Pure Silicate Technology, i.e., fillers and resin matrix-based purely on the silicon oxide contains no classic monomers

    Thanks to the most innovative ORMOCER technology by far the lowest polymerization shrinkage (1.25 % by volume) and particularly low level of shrinkage stress in comparison to all conventional restorative composites inert, so excellent biocompatible and extremely resistant to discoloration.

    Completely universal – meeting highest demands in anterior and posterior regions perfect coordination of translucence with opacity for natural results.


    COMPLETELY metal free

    The optimal selection of shades enables highly flexible working using either the single or multiple shade system

    Excellent handling, simple high-luster polishing procedure coupled with high surface hardness guarantee first-class long-term results

    Dr K Approved Products:

    DRY MOUTH: Offers relief. Hydrates and moisturizes.*

    GREAT FOR DAILY USE: Promotes oral health and healthy gums/teeth.*

    MICROBIOTIC THERAPY: Reduces bacteria that cause tooth decay & periodontal disease. Recommended by THE DENTAL ADVISOR.*

    PROMOTES HEALING: Combined use of the VEGA Oral Care Gel and Rinse offers many additional benefits.*

    NATURAL: non-staining, organic ingredients, sugar-free, non-toxic.*


    StellaLife VEGA Oral Rinse is a natural, antimicrobial product that has been formulated to hydrate the oral cavity, promote healthy gums, maintain oral health, and freshen breath. The patent-pending rinse supports healthy healing following oral surgery and periodontal treatment. It is recommended as part of daily oral hygiene due to antimicrobial properties used to kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.


    "Two StellaLife products were recently evaluated by the DENTAL ADVISOR. Both products rated very highly, with StellaLife VEGA Oral Gel really shining for several aspects. Due to its unique properties, the product was awarded Editors' Choice, the highest distinction given by the DENTAL ADVISOR." - - The Dental Advisor

    Uses Temporarily:

    PAIN SWELLING RELIEF: Dry socket, canker sore, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, cold & denture sores, braces/Invisalign, mucositis, Lichen Planus.*

    PROMOTES HEALING: Reduce or eliminate the need for opioids and steroids after dental surgery or procedure (StellaLife Gel & Rinse).*

    EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD: highest distinction given by The Dental Advisor (96% clinical rating, 5 stars). Dentist recommended.*

    NATURAL: non-staining, organic ingredients, sugar-free, non-toxic.*

    StellaLife® VEGA® Care Gel is a revolutionary new technology that has been clinically proven to accelerate healing, relieve pain, and reduce swelling in dental patients’ after both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Doctors have found it effective in the management of dry sockets, aphthous ulcers (canker sores), mucositis, cold sores, dry mouth, sores associated with dentures, and following dental surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Professional strength.


    Dr. K recommends this fluoride-free toothpaste for children. Revitin has a nice citrus flavor. Dr. K approves it so much that he uses it with his own children.

    NATURAL TOOTHPASTE NUTRIENTS: Revitin® toothpaste, with NuPath® Bioactives, contains a replenishing, patented formulation of natural ingredients. This gives Revitin® the exclusive, proprietary use of a restorative formula in its oral care products; which includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, Cranberry Extract, and CoQ-10.

    PREBIOTIC FORMULATION: Revitin® toothpaste is the first and only prebiotic formulation that successfully balances the oral microbiome to its naturally healthy state. The oral microbiome is essential for our overall health and well-being. Revitin® toothpaste supports enamel strength, fresh breath, immune function, as well as digestion.

    CHEMICAL-FREE TOOTHPASTE: Conventional approaches to cleaning and disinfecting the mouth disrupt the good bacteria that we need to stay healthy. Revitin® supports a healthy microbiome and is the chemical-free alternative that contains no fluoride, SLS, SLES, parabens, alcohol, artificial colors, dyes, and is safe to swallow!


    The KöR Whitening System works by restoring your teeth’ youthful ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving and removing stain molecules.
    Whitening products have been clinically studied for more than three decades and safely used on millions of patients without harm to teeth or gums. KöR Whitening is considered entirely safe.

    KöR Whitening gels are hydrogen peroxide-based with no chemical stabilizers.

    Our bodies produce 100 times more hydrogen peroxide than you would place in a bleaching tray so using hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening is a safe method. Should whitening gel escape the trays, the catalase which is an enzyme we produce, will destroy the perhydroxyl and hydroxyl radicals that peroxide breaks into.

    The KöR Complete whitening gel is potassium oxalate which is a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables.


    Tooth & Gums Tonic®

    Tooth & Gums Tonic is a Truly Natural® professional strength,
    alcohol-free oral rinse formulated to reduce oral bacteria.

    • A powerful alternative to chlorhexidine
    • Meets the growing demand for natural products
    • A versatile rinse with multiple clinical applications
    • Indicated for short and long term soft tissue maintenance

    Ideal for:

    • Periodontal care
    • Controlling gum inflammation and bleeding
    • Laser gum surgery (LANAP®) and implants
    • Restorative and cosmetic procedures
    • Dry mouth and mouth sores
    • Chronic halitosis

    Tooth & Gums Essentials®

    Truly Natural® Toothpaste. Seriously effective gum care.

    Tooth & Gums Essentials is a complete all-natural SLS-free toothpaste with essential
    oils and xylitol. Formulated for daily brushing to achieve and maintain healthy gums and

    • Reduces harmful bacteria and inflammation
    • Controls bleeding gums
    • All the benefits of xylitol for healthy teeth
    • No artificial ingredients or harmful foaming agents
    • Professional strength formula
    • Available for office distribution. Not in retail stores
    • Improved formula replaces Tooth & Gums Paste