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Same Day Crowns
and Bridges

Dr Knause uses Cerec same day crown technology. In most cases, patients leave on the same day with their permanent crown. No more temporary crowns. Digital scans of the teeth and bite replace the goopy impressions with much better accuracy. Our crowns are high strength, metal free restorations.

Ozone Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy

Dr Knause applies ozone in several different ways, depending on the need. Ozone is a special type of oxygen gas that has been used for sanitation purposes for many years. It works wonders in dentistry!

Cold Laser Therapy is use after every procedure. The cold laser helps with reducing soreness and sensitivity.

Dr K Aligners

Dr Knause now offers his own Dr K Clear Aligners. These are made in office. Dr Knause has extensive training in orthodontics. Dr. K Clear Aligners provides personal, customized care that takes out the middle man. We scan you right in the office. No goopy impressions. No more waiting on laboratories.

Dr Knause offers three levels of treatment, depending on the extent of movement needed.


With the Solea laser, Dr Knause is able to offer FAST and less invasive tongue tie and lip tie procedures for patients from newborns to adults. These procedures are necessary to improve function and remove restrictions.

Emergency Treatment

One of the worst pains is a toothache! We see emergency patients and are able to quickly and efficiently get you out of pain all while being able to help you keep teeth that may have a lot of damage, decay, or trauma.

Biocompatible Fillings, Porcelain Inlays, Ceramic Onlays

All of the restorations that we offer have been selected based not only on their strength, longevity, and aesthetics (they look amazing), but also based on the safety for your body. Dr Knause only uses top of the line biocompatible materials.

Cleanings and Whitening

Southern Laser Dentistry offers many options to keep teeth clean, healthy, and white. Some patients want fluoride, some do not. We have fluoride and also substitute fluoride with ozone for those who choose no fluoride.

We use KOR whitening for our bleaching material. Kor is a biocompatible bleaching material with amazing results! Kor whitening is available as an in-office bleaching option or a take come option.

Periodontal (gum) treatment

Our hygiene team offers many options to improve gum health including specialized products, ozone therapy, deep cleanings, and targeted antibiotics.

Laser Surgeries

Cysts such as mucoclese and other lesions that appear can be removed quickly and easily with extremely fast healing.

Healthy Start and Expanders

Dr Knause has extensive experience and training in orthodontics. For the early stages of orthodontic treatment, Dr Knause will place expanders or utilize the Healthy Start program. These treatments can sometimes lessen or even eliminate the need for braces in some cases.


No one likes to lose teeth, but it happens. Good thing for our patients, Dr Knause has the Solea laser to make extractions SO much better. With laser assistance, the process of pulling teeth is so much easier on the patients and a lot faster to heal. Ozone is also used during the extraction to kill germs and prevent dry socket.

Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding

Chipped, worn, discolored teeth are no problem for Dr Knause. With so many characterization options offered in office, Dr Knause is able to perfectly match bonding or veneers to your natural tooth color OR create a brighter, whiter color of your choosing! Don’t spend any more time being worried about having your picture taken. Get the smile you have always wanted in a one stop shop here at Southern Laser Dentistry.

Ulcer Treatment

Using the Solea laser and/or ozone on ulcers reduces pain and speeds up the healing process. We also have homeopathic products available in office that are specifically for healing, pain, and swelling.

Gum Depigmentation

Some people do not like the appearance of darker pigmented areas on their gums. We offer a procedure called laser depigmentation. Low power laser is used to gently erase the pigment from just under the surface. The discomfort of the procedure is so minimal that it can usually be done with just topical anesthetic. Healing is fast and results generally last from 1-5 years.