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Ozone Therapy


Ozone in dentistry


One way we spare our patients from the pain of tooth decay is via advanced ozone therapy. On this page, you’ll learn more about what ozone therapy is and how your dentist in Greenville can use it for your benefit.


Ozone is a special type of gas that has been used for sterilization purposes for many years. It is an excited, activated form of oxygen. Each molecule of ozone has three oxygen atoms in it. It wants to become more stable, so it is eager to kick off that third molecule. When it does so, it begins a chemical reaction that is deadly to bacteria but harmless to human tissue.

Many cities use ozone to sterilize their municipal water supplies, and lots of food companies use it to sterilize fruits, vegetables, and bottled drinks. Its application in dentistry is not new, but only a handful of dentists have decided to invest in this safe, effective therapy.

Ozone is made by exposing pure medical-grade oxygen to a precisely controlled electric charge.



During ozone therapy, we stop decay in its tracks by exposing a tooth to ozone gas. The ozone kills existing bacteria and even alters the environment so the bacteria cannot quickly return to cause further damage. It also prompts an accelerated remineralization process within the tooth (it helps to rebuild lost tooth enamel). It can thereby prevent the need for further dental treatment, such as fillings or more extensive procedures.

We can use ozone therapy to treat minor to medium tooth decay. Ozone is used for every filling and crown in our office - the prepared tooth receives ozone right before the filling or crown is placed to ensure the most sterile environment possible.

Ozone can also be used to treat periodontal (gum and tooth-supporting bone) disease. It is particularly effective at reaching and killing bacteria that live deep below the gum line causing inflammation and destruction.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy offers numerous benefits:

  • It is extremely comfortable for patients
  • It is entirely noninvasive
  • No drills are used — that means there are no noises that commonly cause anxiety
  • Ozone therapy is safe for patients of all ages, including young children
  • It helps teeth to heal and regain their strength
  • No local anesthesia is necessary
  • Recovery time is short — you will be able to resume your daily routine right after your appointment

Are you interested in learning how ozone therapy may be able to help you? Contact our team today to ask questions or schedule an appointment.